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Who we are

This website is maintained and sponsored by Bavarian Shopping We are selling since more than 20 years cuckoo clocks in our local store Textil- und Souvenirhaus Fux in Oberammergau – the world wide known Passion Play city in Germany. Since 2 years we are also selling cuckoo clocks over the internet via our online souvenir platform

Our Motivation

This website is dedicated to all the cuckoo clock enthusiasts around the world. We want to contribute with this website content to a better understanding of the cuckoo clock topic. We like to give you a closer insight about their background, history and manufacturers – which are mostly located in the Black Forest Region.

Especially for our website customers, we like to provide them with detailed informations about various aspects of the cuckoo clock theme. We understand this website as an growing content platform with one focus: To make the best out of your cuckoo clock investment.

If you have beyond that any questions please feel free to contact us any time. We are available under this email:

and the following contact data:

Bavarian Shopping

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